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Flat Pack Prefab Container House 20/40ft
Model: FPC5850
Size: 5850x2400x2890mm
Usage: working site, Camp, Hospital, Hotel
Aseismic: Grade 8
Material: galvanized steel
Color: White/Blue/Grey/other
Brand: Jinkai
Packing: Flat Pack
Min Order: 1
Key Words: modular house, flat pack container house

20 40ft steel structure metal frame luxury model prefab modular flat pack homes container house

Flat packcontainer house:

Size: 1) 2400*6000*2800mm

         2) 2200*5800*2800mm

Standard containerhouse is 1 open room with 1 door, 2 windows with electrical system.

Option color: Ral 5015, Ral9016, or as Ral color no.


10feet/20feet/40feet flat pack container house

Internal Size

5800x2150x2890mm / 5800x2380*2890mm

Standard Configuration

1 open room with 1 door, 2 window and electrical system

Steel Frame: Roof

galvanized roof beam 3mm thickness

galvanized sub-beam C90, 2mm thickness   

Steel Frame: Floor

galvanized floor beam 3.5mm thickness

galvanized sub beam steel square tube 1.8mm thick

Steel Frame: Corner

corner post 3mm thickness


glassfiber magnesium board


galvanized color steel plate, glass wool, single faced aluminum foil and moisture sealer,   color steel plate ceiling


50/70mm EPS sandwich panel,   glassfiber sandwich panel, or PU sandwich panel


steel door


UPVC window frame, sliding window   


socket, switches, lights, electric wire, brake


drainage channel /decoration cornice

cabins sale shipping container building modular prefab houses build pre fab home container housing

flat pack container house clear 2.png

prefab room hospital 14.jpg


Prefab container (3).png

Prefab container (2).jpg

Prefab container (1).png


1,   Safety and reliable light steel flexible structural system
2,   Easy to transport, assemble and disassemble, repetitive to use
3,   Good and attractive appearances
4,   Waterproof, sound-insulated, heat preservation, seal, easy to clean and main tenant
5,   Any dimension and customized design are available
6,   Widely modal application, the office, conference room, dormitory, store, factory etc.  

Prefab container (3).jpg


Prefab container (1).jpg

Prefab container (4).png

Package & transportation

Prefab container (4).jpg

Prefab container (6).jpg


Prefab container (2).png

Question & Answers

1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are professional manufacturer of prefab house making

2. Prefab house Installation time?
It depends on the house specification and the house building materials. Usually, sandwich panel house type 4 skilled workers can finish80-100/sqm in 8 hours. Villa house type 4 skilled workers can finish 80-100/sqm in 10-15 days.

3. How to install after the goods arriving destination?
We will provide detailed illustration in English and drawings to you after the delivery. If necessary, we will dispatch engineer
to guide.

4. What should we do if we have no professional worker to install?
Our container design is perfect, you can do that DIY as per our drawing easily, We will provide the detailed assembled construction and install video; We can send our engineer to give the guide service on you site if necessary.

5. I want to use container house as a permanent residence, do I need a planning permit?
Contact your local Council to see if they require a planning permit. Planning Permit: Most country is no required for this portable house, In Australia, Only require permit when the house area more than 20 sqm.

6. How long is your delivery time?
Generally it is within 15-30 days ,definitely according to quantity and color.

7. How do you guarantee the quality of the products?
Strict product quality control, quality makes the future. This is the tenet of our factory. Each product from our factory has strict testing procedures, and must be 100% quality before delivery.

8. How can I get the quotation of the project ?
If you have drawing ,we can offer you our quotation according to your drawing .
If you have no design , Our engineer will design some drawings for you to confirm. And then offer you a quotation.

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