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Wenan Jinkai Building Material Co. Ltd

We are an experienced manufacturer of modular container house, prefab house and light steel villa in Hebei province of China founded in 2008. As a fast growing company, we have more than 10 years experience of design, production and installation of prefab houses. The prefab houses are suitable for temporary buildings, hospital, temporary dormitory, fast built hotel, fast built school, in-plant office, smoke shelter, clean room, gate room, safety checking room and etc. Our proudcts are durable in life, cost effective and easy to install, widely imported and praised by more than 60 countries in America, Europe, middle east, South East Asia.  

We own workshops of more than 10,000 square meters, including steel structure workshop, welding workshop, color steel sandwich board workshop and assembly workshop. Our staff consists of 10 high class architect and structure and above 200 workers. Our strong production capacity ensures on-time delivery. We foucus on strict quality control, new products development and better service.  

We provide 24 hours service of quotation. Our design team will help you turn your idea and demand into actual drawing. Our production team will make the drawing into the real house. Our installation team will install the house on site for you.  

Your satisfactory is our utmost target and happiness.  

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